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My Story

Like most people, I followed societies formula for success in life, with the expectation of finding happiness. Instead, I felt tired, overworked, and disappointed. 


  • I was raised in an average working-class family.

  • I studied hard at school, then went to university where I got my degree.  

  • I got a good job and worked hard.

  • I got married, bought a house, had kids and needed a bigger house...

But, I wasn't happy

  • I had a huge mortgage.

  • Work was difficult and taking up more time.

  • The wife wanted me to take the kids off her as soon as I got home.

  • The kids were unhappy and difficult to deal with.

This was not a life I wanted to live. I wasn't prepared to wait for retirement when I would finally have the time to do what I wanted. But then I wouldn't have the physical ability to do what I wanted either. 

Something was very wrong here!!!


Have you ever felt this way too?

Next thing I knew my marriage was over. It had all become too much and my life now a total mess.  Single, with kids, a mortgage, child support payments and a demanding job... 

OMG, how did that happen!!!

I was stuck in a very dark place!!!!


I spent some time in that dark place before deciding that there had to be more to life. Others were succeeding. Others were happy.  So I went searching for my happy life.

After a few false starts, I came across a guy that was teaching men how to be the best versions of themselves.  The program included a mindset system to attract what you wanted into your life. 

It sounded too good to be true...  

I was sceptical...

But I decided that I would go for it. After all, I was in a very dark place already, what did I have to lose. 

I signed up for the program and I got so much more than I ever thought I possibly would get. 


It literally changed my life!!


No there wasn't a genie in a bottle that granted me untold riches. Instead, it taught me all about life.  Those skills and understanding that school and university never teaches. 

I changed the way I thought, the way I felt, the way I reacted.

It took some time but people around me were noticing. 

  • My work became easier and I was coming home happier.

  • My friendships became stronger and more meaningful.

  • My kids became calmer.

  • I was having much deeper and more meaningful relationships.

  • My life became much happier and so much more fulfilling.

My life had changed dramatically.  I was a positive outgoing happy person and


I was living a life that I LOVED!!!

I knew this was too good to keep to myself.

I was already sharing what I knew with anyone that would listen and they were getting results too.

So when I was given the amazing opportunity to train to become a professional coach. It was huge YES!!

After graduating from my coaching course I began spending my time building my business outside of my work hours.

Then in 2019, I left my secure job (leading a team of world-class engineers, designing electronic products).

I chose to pursue my passion of helping others through my coaching and I have never looked back!!

I am truly living a life I love!!!  

I have learnt so much along my journey.  Things that many people never learn in their lifetime. 

And I am so grateful and passionate about sharing what I've learnt with others so they too can live their life of fulfilment, abundance, happiness and success.


A life they absolutely love!